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Kate Moss Says Johnny Depp Once Asked Her To "Help Him Pull Something Out Of His Buttcrack" And It Was A Diamond Necklace

I love when magazines do these video interviews because there's always some kind of bizarro story that comes out of them. They're questioned about their past, sometimes using photos from old events or modeling/paparazzi shots in a magazine like Kate, but every time it brings out a silly anecdote from the time the photo was taken. Kate's silly anecdote, was that her very first diamond necklace, pictured in British Vogue, was actually given to her by her then-boyfriend Johnny Depp. "How was it given? Was it wrapped?" Yes, of course it was wrapped, it was wrapped up between Johnny's buttcheeks. 

Giphy Images.

For some, maybe this is cute. It could even be romantic, playful and flirty. Me? Vomit everywhere. I love diamonds just as much as the next girl, but I guess I'm not rock and roll enough to be completely swooning over the idea of a string of diamonds, sliding around between ANYONE'S asscheeks for an undisclosed amount of time, probably snagging hairs on the jewel prongs, and then given to me as a gift. I'm gonna have to pass. Just…give them to me in a box! Drape them over my neck as the morning light shines across my bosom! Say "Hey, Kel, mind grabbing my keys out of my coat pocket for me?" and then….OMG! WHAT'S THIS? A beautifully wrapped box containing a diamond necklace? All completely suitable gift giving ideas. I need nothing, and I mean nothing, from your buttcrack.