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MLB Top Prospect Gunnar Henderson Announces His Presence With Authority

Welcome to the big leagues Gunnar. Your name is sweet. Your game is sweet. The hair. The flair. The fact he’s one of the best defensive third basemen in recent memory while being this unbelievably smooth dude from the left side of the box is one hell of a fact. Everything about Gunnar Henderson is awesome and we are very lucky he is now in the big leagues. This is the exact kinda guy that makes the sport better for everyone involved.

Unless of course you’re trying to play third base for the 2022 orioles. In that case you are officially looking for some more playing time.

Bigger picture for the O’s - they need a spark right now. They’ve battled to be in contention this second half. They are so close to finishing the season. The just need one more taste of momentum and Gunnar is the perfect man for the job.

Now. Am I overvaluing a young baseball player? Absolutely. But that’s one of the great pleasures in this game and I’m not about to give it up just because some young guys don’t pan out. Fuck that. I’m all in on Gunnar and the rest of you crazy animals are coming with me.

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