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Is This Kid Dressed Up as Batman, LEAPING From the Top of the Stairs, and Immediately Giving A Stoic Interview To His Dad Bloggable?

Personally, I think yes. This little daredevil took a fucking LEAP without a fear in the world. The innocence levels are entirely off the charts. I'm talkin this little batman was certain that his cape was gonna gently guide him to the bottom of the stairs. Fact check: not true. His cape was but a mere piece of fabric blowing gently in the wind that was created by only his otherworldly jump. 

So, he picks himself up after a slight groan and proceeds to his league-mandated interview. Clearly, the game plan wasn't up to snuff and he needs to prepare more in practice. It's frustrating when you don't execute a plan but it's even tougher when that nearly results in a broken tailbone. 

Credit to the pops though. He remained calm and went about his evening with no further fuss. Very matter of fact that whole time. Nearly reminded me of Mary Poppins when he had no time for the shenangians. You can save that shit for Katie Nanna when that old bird is watching ya. Ya know what... I'll just go ahead and say it. It reminded me of Mary Poppins. Pish posh. We're done with that now. On your way, batboy. 

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