A Couple That Does Choreographed Dances To All The NFL TV Theme Songs Together Stays Together

I'll admit that I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this when I hit Play. But I liked it...I think? I'll be honest, I always get freaked out when people are doing choreographed dances while looking at me with no emotion on their faces like a doll. 

But there is something inherently beautiful about a couple of people celebrating the glorious return of the NFL to our lives. Honestly, I think I could take listening to Frank The Tank complain about how terrible an 82-48 Mets team is as long as those incredible horns, strings, drums, and whatever the fuck else is in the orchestra play those glorious songs. The same can't be said for the shitty new Prime Thursday Night Football song, which luckily was not included in this video.

I'm sure there are fans of choreographed dance that know more than I do about how technically good all of this was, including my coworker Mintzy that spent a decade as a performer of the hit production Cats down in Louisiana. However as a common man watching this all go down, I did appreciate how the dance for the NFL Network theme seemed like it was out of The Nutcracker because that song takes me to Christmastime in my brain whenever I hear it. I can see the In The Hunt graphic on screen as Michael Irvin yells at me about how Dak Prescott is going to lead the Cowboys over the Eagles in the annual prime time game showdown to see which team is going to win a disappointing NFC East as those fancy bells play.

I also appreciate the t-shirt, sweats, and socks combo that is the outfit choice of millions of NFL fans during the first quarter of the season. As a rather large fella, I personally go with the hoodie and shorts combo since it does the same job while also hiding more of my gut while giving me a pouch like a kangaroo. Regardless, hats off to the wardrobe department for their costume choices in this video along with the couple for getting us ready for the glorious return for the greatest sport on the planet.

Now hit the goddamn music. AGAIN!