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Gabriel Martinelli Saved My Ass From Being Dragged Across The Internet Tonight By Dave Portnoy

I get the fact that it's only Aston Villa but this may have been the most pressure situation I've been in, for a while. Dave and I watched this afternoons games together for the first time since he pledged his allegiance to S****

What a moment this was for your boy. I literally just blacked out from the relief of scoring then my mouth just went wild. Was shitting myself. Imagine having a nuclear warhead with 3 million followers pointed at you, just waiting for you to slip up. And in typical old Arsenal fashion this happened. 

Dodged a bullet in this spot right here. Dave was filming the college football show when they equalized and I don't even want to think about what would've happened if he was in the gambling cave for this. Luckily my misery only last a few minutes as Martinelli rescued a potentially dire situation 


Just like that we still haven't dropped any points, top of the league, and anyone thats saying " Arsenal fans celebrating too much blah blah blah" CRY MORE!!!

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