Regis Philbin Had A 'Free McDonald's For Life' Card That Was So Rare, Employees Didn't Even Know If It Was Real Or If They Could Accept It

First of all, what a tremendous story. Regis Philbin was the man.

Secondly, this is bullshit. Regis got a card entitling him to free Big Macs, McNuggets and the best fries in America for life and it was left up to the 17-year-old cashiers across America to know if his card was real or not? If McDonald's was handing those out, there should have been a piece of paper hanging in every location in America with a picture of the gold card on it that said, "Anyone who enters this location with this card gets whatever they want for free as a thanks for their notable contributions to the McDonald's Corporation and society as a whole."

Just having that in your wallet as a conversation piece is great, but I am pissed on Regis's behalf for the seemingly few times he was ever able to use the McDonald's Gold Card. Now every C-list celebrity in America has a free Chipotle card and nobody bats an eye, but fucking Regis Philbin had to pay for his McD's like the poors? Shameful.