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Bruce Arians Remembered Me!

On today's Pardon My Take [Big Cat voice], they had Bruce Arians in-studio. This was personally heartbreaking as I had just tested positive for COVID the morning of taping and wouldn't be in the office for it. But Big Cat wanted to see if BA remembered me from our meeting a few years ago.

He pressed him on the visit, which unfortunately didn't include much facetime with BA. At the time, we had an injury in the secondary and he worked the phones most of the night and we signed a veteran Safety that was available. So I would honestly be surprised if he did remember me. The one potentially distinguishable part of our encounter was I did show him a play that the previous regime used that I liked a lot. I emailed it over to him after the night.

So while I was just one face amongst the thousands of others he's met over the years, he did recall the play I sent him. Now, if he threw it in the trash, that's fine. Just doing my part! While most readers will be laughing at such a stupid notion, I would ask you; 99% of the time the Coach will throw it out, but what about the 1% that may actually consider it? What if they implement it? What if they run it? You don't get anywhere without taking chances, so I'm ALWAYS a shoot your shot guy. And look at this, maybe he did throw it out, but he damn sure remembers the guy that tried to get in his playbook. Not the angle I was going for, but a W nonetheless. 

The fellas on The Yak discussed my disposition and demeanor among chaos.

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