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Send Alicent Hightower to the Wall

My jaw hit the floor when this tiktok him my fyp. That half second where I thought we were going to get a Billie Eilish cameo in House of the Dragon my heart sunk. I remember the reaction to Ed Sheeran's cameo and I didn't want Billie to get set up for failure like that. The reveal that this is actually the actress that plays Alicent Hightower put my brain in a blender.

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This actress changed her face more than the many faced god and I think we need to take away actors social media. At the very least while the show is on. I was still on the fence about Alicent but I can't root for her after seeing this. I just know she's in cahoots with her snake dad, Otto. As someone who watched the original series religiously, I've come to the conclusion that Otto Hightower is the goddamn puppet master.

Quick theory: I think Otto was soley responsible for the death of the queen, their son, and was the spike that drove Daemon and Viserys apart. All of this so he could marry his daughter into the Targaryen bloodline. 

Then he sends his teenage daughter to "comfort the king in his chambers", turns the king against his brother because he "heard accounts". Also, we never heard Daemon say "Heir for a day". He never even fully admits to saying it. He just says. "We all must mourn in our own way." 

Sidenote: Am I trying to spin this so Daemon is a good guy because I liked Matt Smith's portrayal of Doctor Who? Yes but I do think it's valid because he's incredible at playing a deeply layered character. 

In episode 2, I reacted quickly to Otto reading the letter from Daemon about the stolen dragon egg.

Like 2 minutes later Daemon casually was like "I did that shit, what of it." So I may be wrong about him but I also think Hightower has a hand in this still. No way Daemon snuck past 30 guards to steal a dragon egg without a man on the inside.

Anyway, the Hightowers are snakes and I don't want to see any of the other actors popping up doing cringey dances on tiktok. Can't have it. I'll immediately root for your demise week to week. 

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