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We Got A Hot New Angle Of The Blue Jays Game Sex, Folks!

Big T already covered this, though his video was from a different angle where there could easily be speculation about what was going on. Maybe they were just making out up there, or were barely starting to go 'round the bases a little, or perhaps only some slight, tasteful, finger-bang action... but from this new view it's pretty clear that they are indeed - and I don't mean to be vulgar here - making love. 

I've done the research & according the Kama Sutra we've got a full-on "Intimate Cradle" position happening. He's sitting at the top of the stairs, and she's linked on to his legs like a spider monkey. You could send them spinning full speed in the middle of a Gravitron carnival ride & they're not coming unhooked. Peak romance. 

To me, the best part of this video was the "thump-thump THWACK, thump-thump THWACK" of the crowd stomping along to "We Will Rock You", most of them oblivious to the fact that they were helping keep the beat for this nosebleeds bone sesh. Having intercourse while thousands of people around you slam their feet to Queen? That's a once in a lifetime moment. 

Giphy Images.

In my dream world, they are getting married soon & were out in the city for separate bachelor/bachelorette parties that planned on meeting up at the stadium. When they got there after being apart & boozing it up all day, the passion was too intense… They simply couldn't wait. Their friends said they'd be lookouts for them, but were so drunk they forgot. Today they're all having a good laugh at their joint hangover brunch. One of the ages, gang! Gonna be a hell of a wedding. 

Clearly I've already given this way too much thought so, as they say, I should probably wrap this up like a condom around a penis in the 530s section at a Blue Jays game. In closing, I believe this recent string of stadium sex is either a positive sign that true love & raging horniness are in the air after a rough few years, or that baseball games need to go a little faster because we're getting so bored we start messing around with our holes and stuff. #KatieSportsTalk

Side note, if you're stuck at a long game right now but don't have anyone to hook up with, check out the latest episode of ZeroBlog30 #shamelessplug