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Mama I made it!

Matt Durisko. Shutterstock Images.


A story that caught my eye yesterday was Jayeln Warren (undrafted) making the Steelers 53 man roster. Over the last couple seasons the Steelers have really struggled running the ball along with running back depth. You seen it specifically last year. Najee was on the field for 1,010 snaps out of the possible 1,144. That is insane. That is how you destroy a young running back. This year I think his snap count won't be as high thanks to Jaylen.

I didn't know much about Jaylen Warren until I started to see him play in preseason. The rookie running back out preformed Anthony McFarland and Benny Snell to give the steelers a solid back up option. Warren solidifying the RB2 spot came out of left field. I don't think many Steelers fans saw that coming. Warren wasn't the Steelers leading rusher in any of the three preseason games but he broke out in the August opener against the Seahawks. He showed flashes of breaking tackles and making some splashy plays which head coach Mike Tomlin always talks about. I know its only preseason and most people will say who gives a shit but to secure a RB2 spot while being undrafted is pretty special. My favorite play from Warren this preseason was a touchdown catch from Kenny Pickett. 

Warren has shown the ability to not only catch the ball but he fights for every single yard which I'm sure stood out head coach Mike Tomlin. Tuesday was probably a roller coaster of emotions for Jaylen. In one of the interviews after he found out he made the team he said "I was keeping my head on a swivel, hoping nobody came up to me and asked me for my iPad". I'm sure this a dream come true for all these players that go undrafted , get picked up, and have to fight every single day for a roster spot. Yesterdays video really warmed my heart. It shows the world don't ever give up on your dreams. Anything is possible. 

Guys like this are super easy to root for. I'm looking forward to rooting for Jayen this year. Credit where credits due odds were stacked up against him and he beat the odds. That phone call was probably something Warren has been dreaming about since a little kid. What a dream come true.