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The Cameras Caught Mike Tyson Talking Himself Through Some Shit While Sitting In The Stands At The US Open

This is a BATTLE man. I'm not going to make accusations here because, well, no matter how old, injured, whatever, I'm going to be terrified of Mike Tyson. I'm going to applaud him for winning. He may have been battling himself, the heat, the towel, Martina Navratilova or her dog. Seriously, how much of a surprise do you think it was when Iron Mike saw a puppy sitting next to him? I wish that was on camera. I would pay a lot of money to see that moment. I assume it was like Robby Anderson and Sir Purr, but you know, way more dramatic. 

Now let's say - hypothetically and allegedly of course - that Mike Tyson was getting hit with some sort of trip during this. BRUTAL beat man. You're just sitting there watching Serena, taking in some tennis and the camera catches you at the worst time. Talking to yourself, the dog staring at you. Can't have that happen to the champ. 

Vet move by Mike to have a towel though. Not sure if he brought it himself or asked for one, but any sweaty guy has this in the dog days of summer. A travel towel if you may. 

Awesome dog though. Good boy to just sit there.