Lexy Panterra Takes Me To Twerk School & Proves Why She's #1

Lexy GOODDAMN Panterra! If you don't remember this video from 2015 I would simply have to assume you weren't alive. I was in college at the time and the link to this video of our queen twerking to Lean On was quite literally iconic. An all-time youtube video. Unbeatable. Fantastic. Legendary.

AND NOW 7 years later Lexy is one of, if not the #1, creator on the wonderful website we know as Only Fans. Her along with Rubi Rose last week are by far the biggest guests we've ever had so thank you to both of them for coming on! We talked to Lexy about twerking, her classic music video with Giancarlo Stanton, the Illuminati, being in the Hollywood circles, what she posts on Only Fans (obviously) and much, much more. Check it out & grab yourself some $5 Roman Swipes while you're at it!!! Trust'll need it.