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YouTuber SteveWillDoIt Won't Watch The NBA Anymore Because James Harden DMd His Girl

SteveWillDoIt is a top You-tuber who recently just got his YouTube account with millions of followers deleted out of nowhere. That is besides the point but he went on a podcast and explained how James Harden dmed his girlfriend and now he can't watch the NBA.

I know retiring from watching your favorite sport seems crazy but you can't have someone doing that. What happens if Steve bets on the 76ers and needs James Harden to make the last shot to win. What do you even root for knowing what Harden did while also having money on the line? I know a lot of athletes have some assumptions about them and a lot aren't true. But with James Harden I believe everything. He just loves to party and go to strip clubs and he doesn't care what anyone thinks. Especially if he is dming one of the biggest people on social medias girlfriends. 

Poor bastard Steve now has no followers for his videos and now can't even watch his favorite sport. Everything he loves is going to shit. I know Steve is reading this so keep your head up man those millions of dollars will make you happy even though your millions of followers are gone. In case you need a friend during these tough times, I won't watch a 76ers game in solidarity with you because Harden also squeezed out Ben Simmons who is just misunderstood. I will do a full breakdown on Ben Simmons but watch out for that guy to be a stud on Nets.