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Bum Ass Chelsea Doesn't Deserve Christian Pulisic Since They Keep Losing On The Field And In The Tunnel

I didn't want to write this blog, but my hands are tied. I can't help that making fun of Chelsea is quickly turning into one of my favorite things to do. They are a sensitive fanbase. They sure don't like pointing out the obvious like Mason Mount is the real problem - not Pulisic. They sure don't like hearing the truth like they lost to Southampton. 

They'll admit they have shortcomings, but they won't be public about it. They know. They know that Tommy Tuchel lost his touch. They know that Chelsea is all of a sudden a Europa League team and not top-4. 

And now we have this. We have César Azpilicueta, a washed player, getting fucking boom, roasted in the tunnel. I wish we saw this earlier. Would have been a for-sure bet on Southampton moment when you see that. There's no coming back. 'Too slow' is a classic move that also fits for Azpilicueta here too. Great look into the future of the match by this kid. Set the tone early. 

Oh and Chelsea fans? You don't deserve an ounce of shit. 

Thank you for what? Being held hostage? Being blamed for everything when you only can get 20 minutes of run a match?