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The Possibility Of The Celtics Adding Carmelo Anthony Has My Brain In A Bit Of A Pretzel

Brian Babineau. Getty Images.


I know, I know, consider the source. I get it. At the same time, rules are rules….

I can certainly understand why Brad might be calling around and checking in on someone like Melo now that Gallo tore his meniscus. In theory, Melo provides a lot of the same skills that they are set to have with Gallo, only he's 38. For me, this is one of those rumors that has my brain in a bit of a pretzel. I can see the pros and cons of adding a player like Melo and I'm not sure which outweighs the other at the moment. 

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The biggest factor of course is when the team feels Gallo will be back. Initial reports suggested around November. That's fine. I've also lived through the Celts and their injuries and I understand that not everyone is a fast healer like Rob. That's why despite those reports, I still don't think we'll see Gallo until around Christmas, maybe during this stretch


Not because I don't think Gallo will be recovered, but because I think the team will be overly cautious with him. I could see them giving him around a month to get in shape/get basketball ready, even if he's medically cleared sometime in November. The key is to have him ready for the playoffs, not the early part of the season. 

So, enter Melo. You're basically replacing a bench shooter who can't really defend for a bench shooter who can't really defend. On the surface, that's why it makes some sense. I'm not sure too many people realize this, but Melo's shooting was actually pretty legit last season (and his three point shooting has been legit the last 3)

I could see him having similar open looks playing next to Tatum and Brown, and that might not be the worst thing. As a spot up shooter, Melo put up 1.01 points per possession and shot 37.5% on catch & shoot threes. His role would simply be to find space and knock down open looks, just like Gallo's role is going to be to find space and knock down open looks. Looking at Melo's shot chart, there are plenty of zones he showed the ability to do just that last year


Those corner numbers are legit, I like the top of the arc and the right wing. With how the Celts play, having a player who can thrive in those zones isn't the worst thing in the world.

In terms of positional versatility, you can play Melo at the 4 or maybe the 3 in certain lineups. He's not really going to stop anyone defensively, but again who is really expecting Gallo to be a lockdown defender? You surround them with the billion other plus defender the Celts roster has and utilize their shooting ability. 

When Gallo returns, I trust Ime's ability to get everyone in line. I'm not too worried about minutes or rotations or anything like that with Ime anymore. He proved he can get buy in from his players. Plus, even when Gallo comes back we know the Celts are wanting to limit Al's minutes, so having another decent stretch four might not be a bad idea. 

At the end of the day, we're talking about a veteran minimum cost and an end of bench roster spot. If for whatever reason Brad does this and it becomes a disaster or not what he thought, he'll correct it. We know this because of what he just did with Dennis Schroder. You don't get the sense that Brad is as stubborn about his moves the same way that Ainge may have been. 

So you know what? I think I just talked myself into it. I see the potential path, but it's one of those things if it doesn't happen then whatever. I'm perfectly fine with giving someone like Sam Hauser extended minutes in order to make up for Gallo while he's out, but I get why Brad is sniffing around Melo (if that report is true). I'll never thumb my nose up at legit NBA caliber shooting, which Melo still possesses, and who knows maybe he'll be super motivated to finally get his first ring.