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'Fuck West Virginia' - Pitt's QB Kedon Slovis, Delivering A Perfect Quote During A Pep Rally For Tomorrow's Backyard Brawl

Goddamn it feels good to have college football back. I know we technically did last weekend but that was mostly for America to make fun of Nebraska and Vandy to feel good for a week. Now we get into the real swing of things and putting WVU/Pitt in week 1 is simply awesome. We need the Backyard Brawl every year. I miss it being the last game of the season, but at least we're getting it. This was one of the most heated, hate-fueled rivalries in the game. 

I also love that this looks like a scene out of Friday Night Lights. It might be the colors, it might be the fact I'm doing a re-watch, but this screams Tim Riggins just saying fuck whoever they are playing. Again, good. I have no problem with Kedon Slovis saying this. We need more of it. I don't even care that Slovis is in his first year at Pitt. You put on that blue and gold, you immediately hate West Virginia. 

It should be a crime that they haven't played since 2011. I don't care about conference realignment, these two can't go that long without playing. Remember, the Backyard Brawl once changed an entire national championship game. 

I'd love to be in Pat Narduzzi's office when he calls Slovis in to ask what he was thinking. What a pep rally. What a quote.