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Dog Walk Draft Grades: Best Sweet Snacks

Clem returns for another snack based draft. The fellas established a few rules to open the Draft:

- Must be in a grocery store

- No frozen items

- No fruit snacks (they'd fall into a gummy category)

Other than that, no further rules or guidelines. Let's get into the grades:

Team #1: B-

Great 1.1 pick with the double-stuffed Oreos. Great pick that like the guys said, was very chalk, but that's what you should do with the 1.1 pick. That being said, this Drafter did leave himself exposed for potentially splitting the vote with regular Oreos, but it's hard to deny this as the 1st overall. Fudge Stripes didn't get a lot of love from the panel, citing it tasted like sawdust, but I actually like these. They're tiny and tasty and come in a perfectly sized snack bag. Pepperidge Farm chocolate chip cookies are meh in the 3rd. Fudge Brownie Little Bites are ok at best in the 4th, but the Biscoff Cookies was wild in the 5th with a ton of good picks left on the board. Powerhouse starters in my opinion with a weak bench.

Team #2 (left off the ballot): B-

Entenmann's Rich Frosted Donuts is a great pick at #2. The guys are right they aren't real donuts, but they are tasty as heck. Little Debbie's Oatmeal Creampie's is an elite pick and 2nd Round is tremendous value. But this is another great starters with a poor bench. Brown Sugar Pop Tarts, Twinkies and even Original Chips Ahoy are all lacking to me. At the end of the day, you need to find value in the mid-late rounds and I didn't see that from this drafter.

Team #3: A-

I love that this Drafter stayed true to his board. Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes was a great pick and the fact that it's seasonal makes it even more appealing as Chief pointed out. I'm personally less familiar with Funny Bones, but I LOVE the Hostess Cupcake pick in Round 3. Best pick of the round by a mile. This Drafter dominated the middle-late rounds as Rice Krispies Treats are a delightful snack and Rainbow Cookies (*with the sprinkles on the top) are a steal in Round 5. Fantastic job and this Drafter clearly came very prepared which always adds some extra points. 

Team #4: D+

Speaking of preparation, this Drafter very clearly did not prepare. It led to some controversy in the 1st round was fun to see! But I do believe that this Drafter had this kind in mind. I'll support it at 4th overall even though I feel like it's a bit high. Getting confirmation from the panel that Nutty Buddy wouldn't have made it back around justifies it's status as a Round 2 pick. I'm less familiar with Zebra Cakes but they look decent. Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies was their best pick, but to follow that up with Yoplait Strawberry Banana Yogurt was an all-time wild pick. Just stick within the rules of the Draft pal! 

Team #5: B+

Tate's Bake Shop Cookie is a great pick at the end of the 1st Round. Regular Oreos at #6 is a bit high considering Double Stuffed went 1.1. I admire this Drafter's strategy as he wanted to get a well rounded board for the graphic. Chewy Chips Ahoy was a savvy pick to take the soft cookie category. Milano's are a polarizing pick, but I don't hate them in the 4th. Dunkaroo's was a masterstroke as Mr. Irrelevant and may swing this Draft in his favor. Well done. 

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