It's A Miracle That The Raiders Are Somehow Decent After Seeing This Ridiculous Stat About How Much They Suck At Drafting

So we know today is cut day. Including in that is Alex Leatherwood - all time football name - and a recent 1st round pick for the Raiders. Shocking? Not with the Raiders. Not when you see this history. I know that draft is a bit of luck. I know there are 7 rounds and late rounds matter. But how are the Raiders good? 

I'm honestly asking that. I like Derek Carr. I think he's a decent quarterback. You can win with Derek Carr. You obviously now have Davonte Adams, really good. Breaking news there I know. But the Raiders had Jon Gruden. The Raiders can't keep a first round pick. Sure, three are currently on the team. But all three had a 5th year option declined. Not great! 

And again, there are 53 guys on a roster. You find guys like Darren Waller. You take someone like Maxx Crosby or Hunter Renfrow in a later round. But, hell, last year they had 3 All-Pros. 1 was their kicker, 1 was their punter. Not like they had a bunch of awesome skill positions. Renfrow was the only receiver over 1,000 yards. Even their team rankings - the only meaningful stat they ranked top-10 in was passing offense. They were 11th in team offense and 14th in team defense. Again, fine, but nothing crazy. 

They even tried to trade Leatherwood and apparently the Raiders turned down their own trade: 

Nothing like cutting your 1st round pick after 1 season. That's how you draft baby. Should just get back to the days of taking a guy like Darrius Heyward-Bey because he was fast. Still can't believe Leatherwood didn't make it. That guy has a name that was should be an NFL Hall of Famer. Not ruling out they drafted him on name alone.