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Casting for Barstool: The Movie

I flew down to Nashville this weekend to participate in a 48 hour film project with some friends. In this competition, teams have 48 hours to write, film, and edit a new short film. I was there to contribute in anyway I could and the team chose to cast me as the lead. Now, I don't see myself holding an Oscar anytime soon, but the way my life has gone the past few years, who knows? It could happen! This got me thinking. Duggs would obviously play Duggs in the Barstool Movie, but who would play the main characters?

Bradley Cooper (Dave Portnoy) - This one is easy. I could actually see this going both ways with Dave portraying Bradley Cooper in his biopic. Both extremely handsome, talented, and very rich.

Jesus Christ (Big Cat) - The man literally brings people to life. If Jesus is not available, we will settle for Jim Caviezel.

Ray Charles (PFT) - He never takes off his sunglasses, even when he's inside making beautiful music.

Amy Poehler in Mean Girls (Kate) - She's the Cool Mom

Joe Pesci (Jersey Jerry) - What he lacks in height, he makes up for in heart. Not to mention a stunning fashion sense

Statler and Waldorf (KFC and Feits) - A couple of old men yelling their opinions from the rafters

Mikey from Recess (Brandon Walker) - This one is self explanatory.

Steven Spielberg (Nick) - As creative as he is handsome. (Plus, Steven can help direct while he is on set)

Tank (Frank) - A physical force not to be messed with. No one will stand in his way.

Pete Davidson (Tommy) - This was tough. I almost went with Michael Cera for the size and awkwardness, but Pete has shown he understands Tommy as a character. Plus, with Kim breaking his heart, he's probably in the perfect mental state to play this role.

If we can get even half of these actors to sign on, this is going to be an epic movie to start the Barstool Cinematic Universe.