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Deal Alert: Putin Offers Moms $16K To Pop Out 10+ Babies As Russia's Population Continues To Decline

According to CNBC

The Russian government announced it is reviving the Soviet-era honorary title “Mother Heroine” for women who have 10 or more children, as it confronts a population decline that has accelerated since its invasion of Ukraine.

According to a decree signed this week by President Vladimir Putin, the title will be awarded to those who “birth and raise” 10 Russian citizens, with a lump sum of 1 million Russian rubles ($16,645) received when the 10th child turns one.

If you're now considering moving to Russia to have 10 babies please listen to the latest ZeroBlog30 first... We do a deep dive into the other stipulations, exactly how far $16k will get you with 10 kids over there, why they're facing a population dip and more. Plus, hear if I'd go for it since I'm already 1/10th of the way there. (Spoiler, the answer is no, not even with this ripped, oily Russian guy as the donor:)

Also on today's episode we've got:

-Chaps interviewing special guest Colin O'Brady, the first man to take a solo trip across Antartica, among countless other crazy-awesome accomplishments that include 10 world records. 

-The nutty story of a Nebraska man now facing terror charges for conducting an active shooter drill that took a charity office by surprise 

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