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You'll Simply Never Believe Just How Much Rubi Rose Loves Nickelback

What a shocking plot twist! Who would have ever thought that international Superstar Rubi Rose was such a fan of Nickelback that should want to twerk to it some Nickelback. It was a beautiful moment shared by all last week on Only Stans as one of the twerk queens did what was previously mentioned.

 Granted we had to splice it over this wonderful Only Stans tune that Mr. FSU Brando made for me on Twitter due to musical copyright stuff on Youtube that I'm too stupid understand although it still works since mr Brando's tune is that good. Not to mention his voice is easily in a class with Kroeger and other rock legends. And I'd also be remised to not compliment Rubi on her impeccable twerking abilities, but frankly I think her work speaks for itself. Truly fantastic and a splendid episode of Only Stans which is the most important thing.