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HOWIE: Eagles Trade For Young Saints Safety Stud Chauncey Gardner-Johnson


Well this is certainly something cute off the timeline on National NFL Cut Day. Look, Anthony Harris is a fine football player and a better dude, but the 24-year-old spark plug that is CGJ is certainly an upgrade for now and the future over the 30-year-old who had his heyday with the Vikings. You gotta love it. Not to mention kudos to the Saints for tanking their Eagles 1st round draft pick next year. Thank you very much. Good on Howie for not being passive and making the move. CGJ is in the final year of his rookie deal, but even if they don't resign him (which they should), it's still solid for this year. Now do Jalen Reagor next for a jugs machine and/or $50 Barstool giftcard and we'll have ourselves a ballclub. 

12 days until Eagles kickoff. Can't wait.