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Luka's Pregame Routine Before Dropping 23 On Germany Was Simple Yet Elite - Smoke Heaters And Play Cards

DeFodi Images. Getty Images.

[Source] - "Doncic, the top player of the Slovenians, who were staying in the same hotel as the Germans, also spent the evening before the game quite relaxed. He sat away from the hustle and bustle, playing cards, drinking Coke and smoking a cigarette."

We're currently in the middle of some World Cup Qualifying games, which means we're getting NBA players representing their countries. Nice little way to pass the day if you need something to watch. But this also means we get to see guys back in their home culture. Like Luka for instance. Who decided to really embrace his Slovenian ways with some heaters, Coke and playing cards. I assume he was in a track suit as well. 

What else do you want Luka to do? I know people - all of us - like to make fun of him for being a little chubby while kicking ass. It's endearing. Not like he's housing burgers and stuff. A simple coke and cigarettes. That's almost as healthy as you can get - frankly just put in a banana. 


Plus, noted Stoolie Luka Doncic, is showing he's the biggest Cracking Aces fan in the world. Playing cards before a game against Germany? No doubt in my mind he's waiting for a game against The Destroyer. Probably had Cracking Aces on for both teams to hear. 

Again, who cares? I mean sure you don't want Luka ripping cigs right before he goes out there. But maybe he's a huge Len Dawson fan - RIPIP. Maybe he's just a normal ass 23-year old and wanted to chill out the night before a game. I know Slovenia lost, but it's the first time they lost this summer. He still went and dropped 23. I'd say rip another one and go get the win.