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Caption Contest: What Did Dr Ruth And Bill Clinton Talk About At The US Open?

I gasped when I saw this video. It struck a chord with me. It was a time machine back to my formative years. These people were part of every young millennials sexual awakening and education. Young Chief in the late 90s was all about sports, riding bikes, having crabapple fights in the neighborhood, and hanging out in the woods with the dog and climbing trees. Then one day he flipped on the news when he came home from doing dumb shit with his friends, flipped on the TV, and all anyone could talk about was Bill Clinton getting a blowjob in the Oval Office and nothing was ever the same. 

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We went from innocent little kids to reading about cigars in pussies. That's like going from training wheels to flying the space shuttle. The internet wasn't really firing on all cylinders yet. Looking up the answer to sex questions on the internet wasn't really an option in the age of dial-up on family desktop computer in the living room. Your only resources were to stay up late after the Howard Stern show blurred out some tits on E! and TalkSex came on featuring Sue Johanson or finding the Dr Ruth. Dr Ruth and Sue Johanson were instrumental to the education. Sure, it made you a little uncomfortable listening to grandmas go on and on about sex, but they helped fill in the gaps that the Kenneth Starr report left in our brain.

I can't even imagine the things these two would talk about. A master class in deviance 

Bill Clinton: "HA that reminds me of this one time I was on Lil Saint James Isl…"

Bill Clinton: "do you think that tennis racket could fit up…"

Dr Ruth: "you want to grip it like a tennis racket. Firm, but not too tight"

The internet makes it seem like everyone is into 50 shades of grey dominant deviant sex these days and it's probably because we got bored of regular old sex at like age 15 because we grew up in the Clinton presidency. He really groomed an entire generation before endless streaming porn and information was available in the culture. We had cinemax late night, pixelated tits on E!, sports illustrated swimsuit issue, MTV, and the Kenneth Starr report. We had Dr Ruth making us feel like it was normal what we were thinking. A different and simpler time.