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Fair Is Fair: Napoli's Manager Tried To Get Into The Stands And Confront A Fan Because They Kept Making 'Your Mom' Jokes

[Source] - Napoli boss Luciano Spalletti was involved in a spat with a Fiorentina fan after persistent 'your mum' jibes during their draw on Sunday evening.

He said: “The problems are always the same for those who come and say 'your mother is a pig' for 90 minutes with children nearby, who watch and listen and nobody says anything to them.

"It is said that this happens everywhere, but it is not true: in Naples, nobody says anything to the opposing coach. My mamma is 90 years old and I have only her. The rudeness of this level is an impossible thing."

This is one of the very rare, I see both sides arguments. We're talking Serie A here. This is big time soccer - futbol even. You gotta rattle the opponent and nothing rattles someone more than a your mom joke. There's a reason they are still around. There's a reason we started hearing about them basically from day 1. 

Now that said. You stand up for your mom. You cross the line making a mom joke there's only one way to settle it. A fight. You should be prepared to get punched in the face if you cross the line. We live in a society with rules. That's one of the rules. And Napoli's manager has a 90-year old mom. He's going to be a little more on edge with mom jokes than most.

Here's my problem though. If Spalletti is going to go to the stands like that, you need to throw at least a slap. Someone threw a slap at you, gotta respond. Everyone would have been on his side after hearing a your mom joke set it off. In front of children too! Slap a man! Stand up for you and your mom! 

I do have some respect for the your mom joke guy. He stepped right on up to the edge of the barrier. Basically raised his hand and said yep that's me. Here's a little pretend slap. Be prepared if you go to an Italian soccer match you will hear your mom jokes.