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The Jets Are Releasing Preseason MVP Chris Streveler

I mean when you have a roster with Zach Wilson (future MVP), Joe Flacco (SB winner), Mike White (had a really good game against AFC Champion Bengals), someone is going to have to get cut. 

Chris Streveler singlehandedly won the Jets 3 preseason games. The only QB that rivaled Streveler's preseason performances was Sam Ehlinger, who is a legend onto himself. Even the head coach admitted it. 

I really don't know what else you have to do to make a football team. Like he performed so well that it would be impossible to say he had any chance of making the team. Its not like the dudes didn't like him either. 

Check out these stats coming out of the preseason.

I think this man is the next Ryan Fitzpatrick that has the Fitzmagic gene. He simply refuses to lose. 

Three game winners. That's a baller. Also check out this swag on him.

Fur coat swag as well? 

You know who else rocked a fur coat? A little former Jets QB named Joe Namath. Maybe you've heard of him.

I hope Streveler has success in the future. But no matter what happens, we'll always have these highlights.