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If You’re Going To See The Lumineers at Wrigley Field This Weekend, Do Yourself A Favor And Show Up Early To Catch Their Opener, Caamp

So The Lumineers are playing Wrigley Field this Saturday night. 

I regrettably won't be able to go to the show because I have to go to Columbus to watch Notre Dame cover against OSU in the Horseshoe. (It's my first Buckeyes home game so I'm kinda pumped).

It's pretty wild to think The Lumineers are "Ballpark Status", playing Wrigley Field big but I talked to my friend at Live Nation and he said the show's almost sold out which is damn impressive.

If you think The Lumineers are one-hit wonders for "Ho Hey"

or that they suck, I'm here to tell you that YOU SUCK.

Their newest follow up album delivered. Big. 

"Brightside" is amazing.

"Where We Are" is one of the best songs of this year. (And sad as fuck)

But they aren't even the point of this blog. 

The new-folk band Caamp is. 

I freaking love these guys. Have for quite some time.

And they are opening for The Lumineers this Saturday. 

So consider this my public service announcement to you telling you to close out your tab a little bit earlier than you normally would at Country Club on Clark, and head into the ballpark to catch their set. I guaran-damn-tee you won't be upset you did. Sure your beers will cost 3x as much, but your ears will be delighted by the sounds of this awesome band on one of the grandest stages in the country.

Doors open at the park at 6:30, and James Bay is the first opener so figure he goes on at 7. I'd gauge Caamp to hit the stage around 8 ish. But don't hold me to that. 

James Bay is nothing to snub your nose at either,

so you're honestly best off getting lubed up mid-afternoon and just heading in around 7 and catching them all. Thank me later and enjoy!

p.s. - if you're looking for a great endcap to your summer, and don't have plans Saturday night, do yourself a favor and head on over to the Gametime App and scoop up some tickets to this show. It's going to be a mild 70 degrees Saturday night, no humidity, absolutely perfect weather. And if you're trying to find a reason to ask a chick out, or looking for a nice date night, this is a great opportunity.