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Mark Zuckerberg Says Waking Up Every Morning As CEO Of Meta Is Like "Being Punched In The Gut"


Drew Angerer. Getty Images.

Source - Mark Zuckerberg is opening up about trying to manage his work/life balance.

During a recent wide-ranging interview with Joe Rogan, the Meta CEO, 38, shared that he tries to do at least two hours of daily physical activity because he wakes up in the morning to "a million messages."

"It's almost like every day you wake up and you're, like, punched in the stomach," Zuckerberg said on The Joe Rogan Experience show last Thursday. "Now I need to, like, go reset myself and be able to kind of be productive and not be stressed about this."

The media mogul went on to share that he likes to surf or practice mixed-martial arts, but that he's given up running. "I used to run a lot, but the problem with running is you can think a lot," he said.

Zuckerberg also spoke about how he deals with the negativity that can sometimes surround Instagram, which has been long been criticized by children's health advocates.

Hey Mark, here's an idea - retire. Just quit brother. You've got $60 BILLION in the bank, maybe it's time to sail off into the sunset and call it day. That or hire a few more assistants. Regardless, as difficult as it must be to be the CEO of Meta, I'm sure it's not like getting punched in the gut. Granted all problems are relative but still, I imagine there are situations much more akin to getting socked in the stomach. Like working a minimum wage job while supporting a family or finding out a loved one was just diagnosed with cancer. Those seem like they would be more of gut punch to me, but maybe I'm wrong. I feel bad for Mark too, I'm just trying to put things into perspective. 

He also complained that the internet (specifically Instagram, a platform he owns) is too mean…

"You don't want to be so closed that you're not listening to criticism because then you're not going to grow," he said during the interview. "But I think finding people and outlets that will provide criticism, but from a place of actually trying to help you grow rather than tear you down, is very rare."

Poor thing. If I were him I'd turn on, tune in, and drop out of the rat race. Clearly the founder of the original "smash or pass" website is in over his head. You've made your mark, Zuck. Saying you're stressed out is unfair to the rest of us. Go and enjoy your life. Now here's a video of a young MZ explaining FaceBook to the CBS This Morning crew. Simpler times. Enjoy…