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FREE HIM: Chelsea Refusing To Let Christian Pulisic Leave The Club Is Clear Sabotage Proving England Is Scared Of USA Soccer

This is sabotage. This is basically the Red Coats (British) trying to declare soccer war, which is a good thing, because we don't lose to the Brits. We kick their ass. You have our beloved Christian Pulisic. You have our captain. You're refusing to play him. I know Tommy Tuchel is German, but this is a clear directive from the head of British soccer, possibly higher than that. They are scared of us. They know that the US is coming. They know that we have young talent and are actually good at soccer. Good at football too, but we're talking soccer here. 

In all seriousness this is incredibly stupid. Tuchel clearly hates Pulisic. Let him go get some time somewhere else. If you're that scared of him going to another Premier League team and hurting you, play him. Pretty simple solution here. I also don't trust Todd Boehly. He's an American who bought Chelsea. Hey idiot, do something smart here. 

Pulisic needs minutes before the World Cup. He's our guy. He's a complete game-changer for USMNT. You can't have him come in cold and expect to be the same guy until he gets back in a rhythm. I know we're deep in the position, but you have to have Pulisic out there. He's a staple along with Adams, Dest, McKennie, etc. Those are the pillars of the team. 

Let Pulisic cook!