HBO Dropping A Bishop Sycamore Documentary Teaser On The Anniversary Of The Story Is The Biggest No-Brainer Move Ever

Yep, this checks out. We're a year removed from the game between Bishop Sycamore and IMG. You may remember that game. If not, here's a refresher: 

Now we have the biggest no-brainer move ever. A documentary called BS High. Nailed the title. It was sitting right there, probably some creative guy who gets paid the big bucks. But what I love? I love that we're getting the head coach and hearing the line 'do I look like a con artist.' 

Yeah dude. You kind of do the way you're talking about body language and all that. I can't wait though. I mean the entire story is fucking insane the whole way through. ESPN falling for it. The arrest warrant. Everything. I'm shocked it took this long for a documentary to be released honestly. Figured that would be sold right off the bat. 

What a game.