Daniel Radcliffe Makes Out With Evan Rachel Wood (As Madonna) In The New Weird Al Yankovic Movie So I'm All In

Neither one of them was acting like a virgin.

Daniel Radcliffe and Evan Rachel Wood have a torrid makeout session as early 1980s-era “Weird Al” Yankovic and Madonna in a new, hilarious trailer for the upcoming biopic “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story.”

“Harry Potter” star Radcliffe, 33, dons a wild wig, glasses and bushy mustache to play the now-62-year-old parody crooner, while Wood, 34, rocks the “Like a Virgin” singer’s eclectic style, including big, teased hair and a leather jacket.

In one scene, a flirty Madonna visits “Weird Al” at his massive mansion and asks if he will do a parody of her hit. The shot rapidly cuts to the two wildly kissing against the wall in the film, which documents the “White and Nerdy” rapper’s rise to fame.

YER DID IT HARRY! I'll be upfront and say I know next to nothing about Weird Al. I remember hearing his songs when I was younger, thinking they were funny and he had crazy hair...and that's about it. Tell me to watch a movie about him starring Daniel Radcliffe? Where he's making out with Evan Rachel Wood as Madonna? I'm all in. I'll be the biggest Weird Al fan you've ever seen if it means I can support my main man. People seem to be psyched about it!



I'm a fan of movies like this, based on the reaction it seems like the entire thing is one big parody of itself. I wonder if Weird Al himself is happy with it? I think in any scenario, if someone's making a movie based on my life, I'd be psyched. Its a good story, it's got a great cast, and that's all I need to know to tune in.