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'Cry More' - Richarlison With A Simple Yet Perfect Response To All These Babies Complaining About Him Being Awesome

Here's the play from Sunday that has people up in arms. Let me say that again. Here's Richarlison during a 2-0 win making an incredibly smart and awesome play that has a bunch of crybabies crying. If anything I'm upset at Nottingham Forest for making dirty plays and getting all pissy. I don't know, maybe don't let him make ridiculous crosses to seal the match. 

But you see, it gets even better. A simple, elegant and perfect response on Twitter along with doing shit like that cross has Richarlison FLYING up my player rankings: 

The emoji really drives it home. A solid just cry more. Rare it's delivered perfectly but this hits. 

Like I said, that was a sick move. Don't like it, don't be losing 2-0. Don't like it, don't let him get control of the ball. This team is different folks. Just wait until Richarlison finally gets in the starting XI.