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Blog Wheel: Reasons to Live

Welcome back to another edition of Blog Wheel. Every week I start this blog the exact same way. I should probably try to think of a more creative introduction. 

Instead of talking about my least favorite ideas, I wanted to touch on a couple topics some people Twitter have been submitting to me every week. They're not necessarily good or bad, but they'e always the exact same. I appreciate the dedication. Twitter user @FreddyFloater is dedicated to asking me, and anyone on the internet if a worm can trip.

The answer is no. You can't trip if you're already on the ground and you don't have legs. Maybe a very small pebble could knock the worm slightly off course, but to trip you have to fall to the ground, and worms are already grounded. The only thing I know about worms is that you can rip a worm in half and turn it into 2 worms. Which begs the question, if you could cut yourself in half and make 2 of you, would you do it? It would be extremely painful, and it would take 5 years or so until each half of your body regenerates into 2 full people, but in the end you would have a clone. I think I would do it. I would love to have a clone. We could make some great content together.

@TheRealLifeFrog has taken to threatening me until I put up peanut butter brands as a topic.

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with peanut butter brands. I don't have extensive peanut butter experience. I know that I don't care for chunks peanut butter. Creamy JIF is the best option. Except for earlier this year when JIF had a major recall because a bunch of their jars got contaminated with salmonella. I ignored the recall warning and used it on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It gave me a stomach ache for a full day. All the JIF was removed from the shelves at my local grocery store, and I had to buy Peter Pan branded peanut butter. The Peter Pan was significantly worse. There is also a brand called Skippy that I have never had, and Smuckers makes that peanut butter & jelly combination jar that looks disgusting. That's all I got on peanut butter. 

Finally, @DannyPorch really wants to know what hats I think are the coolest.

I actually like this one. There's plenty of cool hats. Too bad the wheel hasn't landed on it yet. I'll put it on the wheel again and see what happens. Here are the topics that made it this week.

Cool Hats

What I would do if I was the host of Blue's Clues

King of the South line of succession

Cheese Varieties

Can a worm trip? (forgot I actually put that on there. Spoiler alert: It doesn't land on it)

Reasons to Live

Possible job landings for Nebraska Head Coach Scott Frost

What does DJ Khaled actually do?

Here is the spin:

What a surprise! This week's winning topic is Reasons to Live! I'm not sure why I act like this is some sort of big reveal in the blog . I announce on the winner on Twitter every Monday morning. I also put the winning topic in the title of every blog. It's not a surprise at all. 

Reasons to Live

Lou Gehrig once said, "Life is Beautiful" and I think about that quote every day. 

"But what does that mean, John?" - That's a great question. To me, it means that life is worth living. 

I could get real deep and introspective with this, except that's not something I have never done. I have no desire to do that. I will, however, share with you a handful of different things that make me appreciate how great life is. 

Stand-up Comedy

Laughter is the best most pure form of human expression. There's nothing that makes me laugh more than a good comedy show. I've always been a huge fan of stand-up. 


You're never too old to take up golf. It's the perfect way to spend the hottest part of the day in the sun. For the most part, you won't enjoy playing, but there will be 3-4 really short moments during your round where you will be a little bit satisfied with how things are going. 

The Perfect Mustache

Every man in the world wishes that he could grow the perfect mustache. Sadly, I cannot grow one myself. Trust me, I've been trying for years. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good mustache when I see it. There's nothing I love to see more than a thick black mustache that looks like it's painted on to someones face.

Colorful Oversized Suits

I have the utmost respect for any man who has ever donned a bright suit that is 4 sizes too big. It brings a smile to my face every time. Are you on your way to steal a bunch of energy drinks from a gas station? Did you you recently lose 150 lbs? No matter the reason, seeing a giant, bright suit always improves my mood.

Game Show Hosts

Game shows are one of my 2 favorite types of television. Any avid game show fan will tell you that the most important part of any game show is the host. The game itself is almost an afterthought. People don't tune in for the competition. They tune in to watch the one person in charge of the show get off as many jokes as they possibly can in a 30 minute time span. A good game show host can bring down the house using only facial expressions.

Court TV

My other favorite type of television in Court TV. 90's kids will remember staying home from school and watching Judge Judy all day long. It was always the best part about getting sick. Court TV is even better now than it was back then. There are so many new shows, judges, cases, etc. There is enough Court TV on demand to keep you entertained from morning to night.

A Good Book

Reading is so underrated. Most people stop reading books all together once they're done with school, but there's actually a lot of entertaining books for grown-ups out there. You can purchase hard copy books at a library or bookstore. You can purchase them electronically on a Kindle or in audiobook form. There are 3 types of books: fiction, non-fiction, and coloring. I prefer non-fiction, because I like a book that educates me. When I'm done reading I want to feel like I have learned something. Learning from reading expands your horizons and makes you a better person.