Jason McCourty Says Bill Belichick Would Sometimes Mix Him Up With His Twin Brother, Devin

On today's Pardon My Take... JASON MCCOURTY! The Super Bowl Champ and new media personality joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss his football career, going from the 0-16 Browns to hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, an NFL preview for this season, and much more.

Jason and his twin brother, Devin, are one of the rare duo of brothers who had the chance to play in the NFL together, let alone on the same team. The two were both on the New England Patriots roster from 2018-2020, and the man at the helm for that team, Bill Belichick, would sometimes confuse the two of them. How would that happen? We got some answers on today's show.


Mr. Cat: You mentioned Flo [Brian Flores]. When Belichick had has, you know, he screwed up his text messages, you know, Black Brian/White Brian, he didn't know which one he was texting. Were you called for a character witness? Because he once did screw up you and your brother, right? He did mess that up, didn't he before a Super Bowl?

Jason McCourty: Yeah, early on when we got there, he didn't know who was... I was just called Devin most of the time, I think he was just used to saying that name. So it was just like, "Devin, what are you doing?" It was just like, "No, I'm Jason, Coach." But no, I didn't get called in. I think that's a simple fix, like you just said, you go into contact, you just make a little edit to the names, and that simplifies it. 

Mr. Cat: When you weren't on the Patriots, he screwed it up, right?

Jason McCourty: He did. That was Dev's second year, they make it to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, and they're playing the Giants, and we're down there. And I know too well the family schedule when you go down to the Super Bowl. I tell other people, "I won one, went to that Super Bowl I played in, but I've been to five of them, because I went to four of them as the brother of Devin McCourty."

Jason McCourty: But we were there Saturday before the Sunday game and that's when you do the whole family pictures and everybody's down on the field. So, I'm down, I think I'm dressed in like jeans and a hoodie or something, and Bill walks up to me and it like, "What the hell are you doing? You got to get dressed. We're doing the team…" And he doesn't finish the sentence, he's like, "Oh, hell… Jason." Had no idea, just blew it. I was just like, "Well, if you want me to go put a uniform on, I'll line up for you guys. Whatever you all need, I'll run down on kickoff…"


This feels like a real life version of the movie, "The Parent Trap." If Devin and Jason McCourty were to swap positions while on the football field, how long would it take for Bill Belichick to notice? Jason brought some awesome stories to today's show, be sure to give it a listen during this final week of summer.