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Per Taryn Hatcher, The Phillies Have Invented A New Pitch--The Slutter

It's funny because she didn't actually mean to say "slutter", but just accidentally combined "slider" and "cutter". That's the joke. 

Now that we have that out of the way, let me just say something real quick....I am terrified right now. Just horrified at the fact that the rest of the world is going to start finding out about Taryn Hatcher. The state of affairs in Philly sports over the last couple of years has been truly abysmal. Sure, things are looking up for the Phillies right now and there is plenty of reason to be optimistic heading into this Eagles season. But for the most part, all 4 teams have devolved into total embarrassments to the city ever since the Super Bowl. The only one true good thing that has been keeping this city afloat since then has been Taryn Hatcher, who started off working on the Flyers broadcasts. 

My fear here is that this is the exact type of viral moment that gets her enough spotlight to move on from Philly. A funny slip of the tongue, just laughs it off and rolls right along with it. Granted, she already worked on some national broadcasts during the Stanley Cup Playoffs last season so it's not like bigger things haven't been in the works already. But this is an 11-second clip that could be the beginning of the end for the Philly faithful. Selfishly, we can't be having that. 

So I don't know what the budget is currently looking like at NBC Sports Philadelphia, but they need to throw a blank check her way before somebody else comes around with some LIV level money. #StayTaryn

P.S. -- Never forget.