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It's A Sad Day, It's A Bad Day: Spain's Usman Garuba Apparently Shit His Shorts During A World Cup Qualifying Game

I thought about making this an investigation blog, but I think it's an open and shut case investigation. That's poop. That's quite literal shit. What else would it be? This isn't football. He's not getting the other team's helmet color on his helmet. There's no grass on the basketball court. Usman Garuba, who plays for the Rockets and Spain, shit himself. Still got that win though. 10 points and 6 rebounds in 21 minutes with a poop butt? That's about as impressive of an athletic feat as you'll see. Everyone knows people with poop in their pants runs like a dog on wet grass. High stepping, trying to keep it all in. This man is out here boxing out. No thank you. I prefer not to have a man try to keep me off the glass as he can't keep literal shit inside him.

He's not the first athlete to poop himself during a game. No this isn't Paul Pierce in a wheelchair. 

I can't stop laughing at the people who say things like Barfstool or B*rstool thinking all we do is hire drunk frat boys and then a video like this hits the Internet: 

We need to come together and agree to stop shitting ourselves. If you do, you have to finish the game.