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Jack Harlow Being The Guest Picker For Notre Dame Vs. Ohio State Shows How Much Of A Joke College GameDay Has Become

And this, my good friends in the college football fandom fraternity, is a perfect example showcasing how far ESPN's College GameDay has fallen. A once proud show, that I would say was as "must watch" as any sports program has ever been, has completely fallen off the map. Jack Harlow?? The Louisville, Kentucky native with zero connections to either school?

This Saturday's Notre Dame @ Ohio State game may be the biggest opening weekend matchup in college football history. The get-in price is about $400 to even sit in the top row of a 100,000+ stadium, and that's probably a steal of a deal. #2 vs. #5. Two of the biggest brands in the sport. Two of the most prestigious programs of all time. Two of the largest, most successful alumni bases on the planet. In arguably the most iconic stadium in the sport. And ESPN brings in a white rapper from Kentucky to be their "celebrity guest".

Man, if only Notre Dame or Ohio State had any notable alumni to choose from. 

Oh wait, anyone and everyone associated with these two teams will be there on Saturday. 

LeBron James: Confirmed

Justin Fields: Confirmed. 

The Entire 2002 Ohio State National Championship Team: Confirmed.

Paul Sakuma. Shutterstock Images.

That's right folks, Jim Tressel will be back in the Horseshoe, where they will be honoring the 20th reunion of the Buckeye team that shocked the world and beat Miami in the title game, but ESPN couldn't connect the dots. Maurice Clarrett or Craig Krenzel wouldn't do it? Even AJ Hawk was a backup on that team. He busy?

We've known ESPN was a joke for a while but it's still sad to watch College GameDay fall. And it's not just whoever made this egregious mistake that is making this show unwatchable. It's the product in general. Week 0 was a disaster.

And worse than Corso mumbling that the SEC champion will not come from the SEC, who you could argue has earned his right to be incoherent, is Desmond Howard putting out shock value content like this.


What outrageous selections. Which begs the question: Did Desmond Howard select the celebrity picker this week???