Tom Brady Has Been Voted The #1 Player In The NFL By His Peers

This is an incredible feat, especially at his age. Brady was jobbed out of the MVP award last year despite throwing for over 1,200+ more yards and 6 more TDs than the winner, Aaron Rodgers. I guess voters were loving that Rodgers threw 8 less INTs, but this time, they got it right. Brady was on fire last year throwing for 5,316 yards (a career-high) 43 TDs to 12 INTs. He also added 81 yards rushing on the ground, his most since 2011 and 2 rushing scores.


The top 10 went like this:

10) TE Travis Kelce - Kansas City Chiefs

9) CB Jalen Ramsey - Los Angeles Rams

8) QB Patrick Mahomes - Kansas City Chiefs

7) WR Davante Adams - Las Vegas Raiders

6) EDGE T.J. Watt - Pittsburgh Steelers

5) RB Jonathan Taylor - Indianapolis Colts

4) WR Cooper Kupp - Los Angeles Rams

3) QB Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers

2) DT Aaron Donald - Los Angeles Rams

1) QB Tom Brady - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Check out the video and marvel at the GOAT. Thank God this dude plays for my team. What a blessing.