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Ichiro Took The Time To Roast The Shit Out Of Jamie Moyer During His Heartfelt Mariners HOF Induction Speech

Steph Chambers. Getty Images.

It's been Ichiro Weekend over in Seattle with the last few nights being dedicated to him. If you asked me before this I'd say I was certain the Mariners had done this already with him. Feels like they honor Ichiro once every few months and to be honest that'd be well warranted if it were true. Ichiro was the man and will always be a Mariner for life. 

On Friday "Ichiro Girl" made an appearances more than a decade after her viral encounter with him during a game. She was told she was throwing out the first pitch, but never got the memo who was catching her. Cool moment for a truly psychotic fan. 

Please make sure no one follows you home at night Ichiro.

Anyways, on Saturday Ichiro was finally inducted into the Mariners Hall of Fame and the place was BUZZING. 

In attendance on the field were his old teammates Ken Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez, Dan Wilson, and last but not least Jamie Moyer. After giving each of them a nice thank you and appreciation, Ichiro turned his attention to Jamie to let him know how annoying he was through their time together. 

Thanks for coming out all this way Jamie! Tremendous. 

Want an idea as to what Ichiro was alluding to? Well, similar to Mintzy, Moyer is known for his sounds —most of them no one can understand. Imagine listening to this guy for 30 minutes just going off about something? Now try doing it while you're unfamiliar with the English language. 


For years we were told Ichiro spoke pretty good English behind the scenes and was a laugh out loud hilarious dude. Well, we finally got to see it all in action. Here's the full speech. 

Absolute legend.