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Nebraska's Dead: Northwestern's Offensive Line Coach And The Big Sky Conference Wasted No Time Making Fun Of Scott Frost

You may be wondering what this is in reference to. Luckily, I have the answer. Scott Frost claimed Nebraska's offensive line threw up 15-20 times per practice: 

An outrageous claim all the way around. Even more outrageous when you lose to Northwestern and you go 15-30 as a head coach. Nebraska's back baby! Blackshirts everywhere! All I know is Nebraska is a pointless program these days. No one is scared of them. No one expects them to be good or anything like that. The only reason I like Nebraska is they fed Kentucky Wan'Dale Robinson after ruining him. 

If that wasn't enough, you got the Big Sky chiming in: 

Not even sure how you decide to throw out the Big Sky, but this is the good side of Twitter. A simple nope, not good enough to play Eastern Washington. This is all well deserved when you do shit like this: