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Weird Baseball Injuries Strike Again: Aroldis Chapman Lands On The IL After Developing An Infection In His Leg From a Tattoo

Sarah Stier. Getty Images.

You get some weird ass injuries in baseball like Jordan Romano spraining his ankle walking his dog, Will Smith tearing his LCL taking off his shoes, Trevor Bauer fucking up his fingers with his drone, Tom Glavine throwing up so hard from food poisoning he broke a rib as examples. That trend continued today with Aroldis Chapman. 

The Yankees reliever hasn't seen game action in over a week despite being on the active roster. Coming into today no one had any idea the reason with multiple game situations seemingly calling for his services. I speculated earlier today that they're just done with him and plan on DFAing him once Sept. 1 rolls around so that no other team could put him on their playoff roster. While that could still happen, it's been revealed Chapman got a tattoo that caused an infection in his leg. Of course he did. 

Honestly I'd be more upset and embarrassed as a fan here if I was dying for Chapman to get into games lately. The man is cooked and gives me no confidence whatsoever when he's in the game. Even with the Yankees pen missing guys like Michael King, Clay Holmes, Scott Effross, Chad Green, and Zack Britton I still don't want Chapman pitching in high leverage situations. When Holmes landed on the phantom IL I was terrified of Chapman re-emerging as the guy again and gaining Boone's trust. Well, now this asshole is on the mend with an infected leg from a fucking bad tattoo. Hope the leg infection heals and the Yankees reward his recovery with a nice DFA in September. I can’t have this dude anywhere near the postseason roster. 

Hope it was worth it

Tinfoil hat time: Maybe the tattoo artist was a big Yankee fan and purposely sabotaged Chapman so he couldn’t play. Take the decision out of Boone’s hands. Might have to give that tattoo guy a pinstripe.