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VIDEO: Free Beer Inspires Fans To Build A God-Tier Snake Cup At The Nebraska-Northwestern Game

A true feat of human ingenuity here. You talk about causes to bring people together. Nothing a little live sports and booze to erase those trivial international borders we've created. Even Aviva Stadium's multiple decks were no match for fans in Dublin, Ireland, who capitalized on the priceless beer situation and masterminded this marvelous spectacle.

Wildly entertaining as the Big Ten battle on the gridiron has been this fine Saturday, I'm pretty sure the snake cup is going to overshadow anything about the actual Nebraska-Northwestern game. That is, unless Cornhuskers head coach Scott Frost's chaotic decision to onside kick out of nowhere winds up costing him a loss — and potentially his job!

PS: As you might've guessed, the beer has all run out, and once the game clock strikes zero, we might have some utter mayhem on our hands.

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