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James Harden Could Afford To Take A Pay Cut On His New Contract Thanks To Friends Like Lil Baby Giving Him A Quarter Million Dollars For His Birthday

I can't remember the last time I got one of my friends a birthday gift. You reach a certain age and all of a sudden you and your friends just start passing around the same $10 on Venmo to buy each other a drink on birthdays. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with grown men getting gifts for each other on their birthdays. In fact, I wish more friendships were like that. There's nothing better than the fellas treating each other like the kings they ought to be treated like. 

The only thing is the majority of friend groups probably don't have someone like Lil Baby in them who can casually give their boy a bag full of $250,000 for their birthday. Good news for James Harden, however, is that he does. And now it all makes total sense why he was able to take that massive pay cut on his new contract with the Sixers. Sure, he may have left $14M on the table to give the Sixers more cap flexibility to work with heading into this season. But he'll recoup all of that dough after a few more birthdays courtesy of Mr. Baby. I'm sure that Daryl Morey took that into consideration before heading into negotiations this summer, and that's why he's the best in the biz. 

Sidenote: Are Lil Baby and DaBaby the same person? Or are there multiple babies running the rap game right now? 

A couple more things here. 1) Money is great as a gift, don't get me wrong. But would it hurt Lil Baby to at least write a card or something to make this gift a little more thoughtful and sentimental? 2) Whoever took this video is an idiot. Now the IRS is going to be all over James Harden's ass for the taxes on this gift.