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ALERT: High Noon Dropped Two New Unbelievable Flavors Right In Our Face To Start Football Season

Here I was minding my own business. Got done doing some family stuff this morning, had to run to the gas station for milk and Nooners. Busy weekend ahead and always grab a couple packs to keep the fridge full. That's when it all changed. You see, I live in the suburbs of Cincinnati. I'm not in the city or anything like that. I didn't expect to be the person who had the picture of the two new High Noon flavors.

Cranberry and Pear.


That's right. I had them. This isn't any bullshit, High Noons are just delicious. The weather is still warm and I can sit outside with my outdoor TV on and have a couple of these? Awesome. That's how you start off the football season. The best way I can describe them is as follows:

Cranberry - tastes like traditional cranberry juice. Refreshing, especially the colder it gets. 

Pear - Screams to drink on the water. I was skeptical of the pear flavor. I'm not a pear fan. It's smooth as shit. 

Gotta hand it to High Noon, they keep finding ways to impress me. Watermelon and Peach are my clear top-2, but they go and add Kiwi, Guava, Pear and Cranberry here lately. They drop a tall boy this past summer. I'm going to will in an Orange and Strawberry next. Give us those flavors. All High Noon does is deliver. 

The suburbs of Cincinnati man, never know what you'll find.