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The Dream: Alcohol Is Currently Free At The Northwestern/Nebraska Game Because The Stadium's Internet Is Down

This is everyone's dream at a sporting event. You see those prices and just go well what can I do? Here's $16 for a regular ass beer. But this? This is the dream. Getting everything for free is going to create anarchy. The only good thing (luck for the Irish per se) is the fact LSU or Wisconsin currently aren't playing in this. The stadium would run out of alcohol in less than 5 minutes. 

Now to be fair, this just seems like Irish tradition. A little hey we'll enjoy the football with a lot of punting and you get some beer. Fair is fair over here lads. There's nothing like some shitty Internet connection leading to a win. I'm sure everyone at Barstool HQ can relate. I gotta know how this is going to play out though. You have free alcohol. It's being announced. You have no Internet. There's no way this ends with leftover beer. 

Okay that might actually be a nightmare. Far too many people for my liking and you're waiting an entire half just for a beer. Gotta make sure you win rock, paper, scissors in order to send your friend for the beer run.