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Gilbert Arenas Unleashed What Very Well Might Be The Worst Basketball Take Of All Time

Adam Glanzman. Getty Images.

We've all heard some pretty terrible basketball takes at one point or another, especially now in this "hot take" world we live in. I'll go one step further and say we've all had our own fair share of bad takes. It's OK to be wrong, it happens to everyone. But even knowing that to be true, I don't think anyone on the planet has had a worse basketball take than what Gilbert Arenas unleashed on the world when talking about Giannis. Go ahead and give it a listen

I think this is it. I think this might actually be the worst basketball take we've ever had. I almost want to think it's a bit, but I dunno he seems pretty serious. And Phil Handy, what are you doing agreeing with him? I thought you were supposed to be this genius coach that Lakers fans won't shut the hell up about. How embarrassing for you.

Giannis doesn't understand how to be great? Giannis doesn't know how to train his body? The guy who went from this

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.

to this?

Tim Nwachukwu. Getty Images.

Easily one of the most insane things you could possibly say about Giannis considering he is built like a Greek God. But somehow Arenas dug himself even deeper when he went on to explain what he meant. He's "looking at the stats" and sees that Giannis is playing 32 minutes, which is true. He averaged 32.9 minutes a game last year. You know why? Because in those 32 minutes he probably had 35 points and the Bucks were kicking the shit out of someone. That happens every single time Giannis steps on the floor for the most part. The guy averaged 29.9 points in those 32.9 minutes last season for crying out loud. Not only that, but Giannis' floor time is more a Coach Bud decision, not a "Giannis isn't in shape" thing. You know how we know that? Just look at his postseason numbers! Arenas talks about how he needs to be built to play 40 minutes, well when it truly matters…


I see a whole lot of 37+ minute averages in there. The year the Bucks won the title, in those Finals Giannis played 35, 40, 37, 42, 40, and 42 minutes when he just so happened to put up one of the greatest Finals performances in league history to clinch it

Trying to make the claim that Giannis isn't on some superstar or elite level is stupid enough, but for your reasoning to be it's because he's not averaging 37 minutes per game during the regular season? That's a take so bad it has to be trolling. You know why LeBron has to play so many minutes? Because the Lakers stink! Giannis could play 37+ minutes a night if he needed to, but the Bucks are good so he doesn't have to! He's so good he's able to do his damage in just 32 minutes a night which last time I checked is pretty damn impressive. For comparison sake, Steph played 34.5 minutes a game last year. Is Arenas going to come out and say Steph needs to work on his body and get his conditioning up and that's why he's not in that rare elite level? Of course not because that would be fucking insane! 

There are plenty of things you can criticize Giannis for if you choose to. Talk about his jump shooting or something. Talk about his turnovers or FT shooting (which is getting better). I can assure you that people are not trying to force GIANNIS into this superstar level or whatever like he doesn't belong. He's arguably the most dominant player on the planet right now! He's proven. Sorry, that's just the reality of the situation, not whatever fantasy world Arenas is living in.