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KSI Is Fighting Two People In The Same Night And Jake Paul Says That's Not Impressive

I can't believe this is even a thing happening I just heard about it and I was like holy shit two guys in one night is outrageous. It is impressive to me no matter what but Jake Paul brought up some good points. 

First of all KSI has conquered basically everything in his time being a content creator, singer all different things but he also has never lost in the boxing ring. Today he is fighting a British actor and a professional boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda who is 2-5 in his career. So Jakes point was that it is harder to fight a full 6 rounds with one guy then fight 3 rounds against a rapper, take a 3 hour break and then fight a 2-5 boxer. Listen fighting two people in one night is still sick in my eyes I am going to watch it, it would be cooler if he fought them back to back and beat the shit out of them. Do I think Jake is a little upset that his fights haven't happened as of late ad KSI is taking the shine doing something very out of the box in the boxing world yes he definitely is. This is all obviously leading up to KSI against Jake Paul but Jake needs to fight a boxer before anyone in this world gives him credit. I think he is a very good boxer and is talking the steps he needed to , to become respected and successful. When anyone talks about boxing people bring up Jake because it is extremely interesting in what he has done. KSI though if he does knockout two guys in one night which might be hard because it is only 3 rounds but if he does it will be one of the coolest things a boxer has done. Side note though Keemstar is a loser. 

This 50 year old guy with a drawn on beard does drama alerts and makes up shit. The guy with him is who Jake Paul was supposed to fight in his last fight and are saying Jake Paul is going to crash this fight. You dropped the bag buddy let it go.