Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson Landed A COLD Walk Off KO Last Night


After suffering the first knockout loss of his career to Adriano Moraes last April, many were questioning Demetrious Johnson's chances leading into the rematch last night. They said he was too focused on his post-MMA life, they said he was too small, they said he was slowing down, they said Moraes is more about this at this point in their lives....and Mighty Mouse just shut em all up with this beautiful knockout. 

I mean - look at the timing of that knee and the COLD confidence to walk off before his body even hit the ground! 

GORGEOUS! There's a lot of mixed martial arts fans that consider Demetrious Johnson the greatest of all time, and whether you agree or not - that's GOAT shit right there. Put it right up there with the best of his finishes, like the german suplex armbar he landed on Ray Borg....

I'll admit, I was worried about Moraes' size advantage myself going in - just look at em at faceoffs….

….but I guess it just doesn't matter as much when you're Mighty Mouse and you have the ability to ram your knee through a man's skull at 1000mph. Shoutout to Adriano Moraes for taking the loss like a champ as well….

We had Demetrious on the Spinnin Backfist MMA Show last week for an interview in the lead-up to this fight that is very interesting looking back now, post-victory….

We had a couple other knockouts worth watching yesterday as well, so I'll link em below….

Speaking of knockouts, we actually did a KNOCKOUTS DRAFT on the latest episode of the Spinnin Backfist MMA Show (because there was no UFC card to break down this weekend) and it was a great trip down highlight lane….