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Florida A&M Is Traveling To Play North Carolina With TWENTY Ineligible Players


Florida A&M already had a tall task ahead of it traveling to play North Carolina as a 35.5-point underdog, but the challenge for the Rattlers is now that much greater with 20 players ineligible and only seven available offensive linemen. It seemed initially like Florida A&M would not be able to play the game, but canceling would have meant FAMU would lose out on the $450,000 check it's getting for the game and would have had to pay a cancellation fee.

I don't know that it's necessarily the safest decision in the world to go play a Power Five team as an FCS school missing a quarter of your roster, but I respect the hell out of the players for voting to do it anyway. If they end up pulling off this upset, it would be a legendary college football moment.

Best of luck to the Rattlers tomorrow, hopefully they can stay in the game into the second half and then we'll see what happens.