Not A Metaphor: UConn Head Coach Jim Mora Claims His House Is Haunted .... But They Are Good Ghosts

[Source] - Jim Mora lives in a stately old building set upon three acres on a hill above campus at the University of Connecticut.

He loves the location, the connection to the campus community and the six-minute walk of a commute. But there's a spooky soundtrack of doors that open at night, ominous shadows and unexplained noises.

"I'm convinced it's haunted," he said with a chuckle in his office recently. "I just warn everyone who stays that it's haunted," Mora said with a laugh, "but they're good ghosts."

When I first saw this story I thought this was about to be some sort of football guy metaphor or some shit. Then I realized no true football guy, especially a football coach, would have pussy ghosts. None of this Casper bullshit. Like Dan Campbell's haunted house is full of ghosts trying to fight him in the middle of the night and choke him out but they never do. That's how I know this is real. 

I actually believe in ghosts. I don't know, just something I don't want to be on the wrong side of. I remember my mom was convinced our first house in Iselin, NJ was haunted because it burnt down (and killed someone) before we moved in back in the 80s. You hear that story once and you don't fuck with ghosts. I believe in ghosts, aliens, all that good stuff. 

I don't know what to think of Mora dealing with it though. He's trying to build one of the worst programs in football. Sorry, JackMac and everyone else, UConn blows. They just aren't good. You can't have a coach worried about ghosts as he's trying to gameplan for Utah State. Can't have it. Won't have it. 

Sidenote: Whenever I hear about ghosts I don't think of Casper. I think of Scary Movie. What a run. 

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